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There’s a petition to bring back Young Justice and Green Lantern. Who knows if it will actually work but at least we can let our voices be heard! Maybe DC will even continue it even without the help of Cartoon Network? It never hurts to try!! So please sign!

Why aren't you ever online anymore?

[Ah.. haha.. well.. For one, I’m a sophomore in college and I also had a job through the holiday season.

Secondly, I guess the main reason is there’s nothing TO roleplay..? I’ve been roleplaying for 8 years with my friends and online. After a while.. there’s just nothing left. :< I used to roleplay with four or five different friends but now its dwindled down to two (one mostly since the other hardly replies)… And even her and I are out of ideas most of the time.

Thirdly, being an OC both sucks and rocks. Then again, I normally don’t play anyone but an OC a majority of the time w/ friends… It’s hard to keep up with everyone and most of the time others stop replying to me and the rp dies out.. :c

I’ve been thinking about closing both Willow and Ivy but I don’t really know to be honest…]

REBLOG if you are on tumblr past 10pm, i need to prove something to my parents


hell, IT’S PAST 5 AM.

"In general? No. Not many people do. I'm not sure what you want. We don't actually have much in common."

She shrugs. “No sense in hating your guts. You’re just a fucked up person in general.” She’s accepted it. She eyes him curiously.

"You act like it matters to me." Amused, "You're still little and you're still a girl. So, what do you want? Company? Are you that lonely?"

"Tsk" She scoffs. "I can’t just come by for no reason?"

ummm free art?



Yeah I’m doing art for people (The cutoff is 12/16/12) at midnight.  And I’ll probably be doing busts basted off your URL. They are all hand drawn and colored and i will personally Inbox you the link to the image! Thank you, and happy holidays! I bet no one is going to reblog this :T




the more i think about it.

the more i DO want to make a female human!Bunnymund blog……

but i have ONE rather HUGE issue…

there’s no art of female human!Bunnymund……..


so… i have a favor.

any artists out there wanna draw me some pictures of a female…

((;_; my art isn’t that great but I can attempt…? Maybe…? My art blog is…))

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Willow blinks. “Hello.. and whom might you be?”

Alex gave a wave. “I’m Alex, nice to meet you.”

"Ah.." She nods a little and looked at him curiously. "So what brings you here…?"


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